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Vps.Net Promo Codes for September 2020

Shared web hosting is the most-popular option on the web for individuals and small businesses who need to take their site live – but it isn’t the right choice in all cases. If you anticipate having a significant amount of traffic moving through your site, a basic shared hosting plan isn’t going to get the job done. In that case, you may wish to turn to a VPS – a virtual private server. A VPS, such as those offered through vps.net, is able to handle larger amounts of traffic without the prohibitive cost of a dedicated server.

Since going the VPS route is going to be more expensive than sticking with a basic shared hosting plan, you will want to make sure you get the best deal possible before making your purchase. With that in mind, take a moment to check out the coupon codes we have collected below. These coupons are some of the best on the web for vps.net services, and we test them regularly to confirm that they are still functional. We hope you are able to get a great deal on your hosting thanks to our collection of coupons!

Best VPS.net Coupons Right Now:

Save up to 35% Off SSD VPS Hosting Plans:

SSD VPS plans as low as $20/month are currently 35% off. This is a link-activated discount, so all you need to do is click on this coupon button and the promotional price will kick in automatically. No promo code required.

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Save 15% Off Cloud VPS Servers:

Take 15% off cloud VPS servers for a limited time. Starting at $17/month. This is another link-activated discount. No promo code required.

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Get SSD-VPS Hosting From Just $5:

VPS.net offers VPS-SSD hosting plans from just $5. The starter plan comes with 0.5 GB of RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth and more.

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A Little Background Info on VPS.net:

Vps.net is actually a company within a company – it is a part of the larger UK2Group, which was founded in 1998 in London. While the company started small, it is now a larger international operation which boasts more than 1 million customers and a total of 14 brands. Although the background of the parent company is found in domain registrations, vps.net is solely focused on offering customers high-quality virtual private servers at a fair price.

So how does a virtual private server actually provide you with any advantage over a shared hosting setup?

Essentially, your VPS will have the capability to grow along with the demand that is coming from your site, opening up more memory as it is required depending on traffic and other factors. You will bump into limits when you have shared hosting on a site that suddenly gets busy, but that isn’t going to be a problem on a good VPS. You will likely need to put in a bit more work to maintain your virtual private server, but the reward will be a hosting solution that is capable of growing right along with your site.

VPS.net on the Web:

If you are interested in following vps.net on social media, you will likely want to point your browser to Facebook rather than Twitter. While the company does have accounts on both platforms, the Facebook page is the one that is updated far more regularly. The company is not as consistent with social media usage as many other brands, you can still pick up some useful pieces of content when you view their accounts. Rather than posting their own blog posts or articles, the majority of posts on these social accounts are links to content in other places around the web.

The inconsistent usage of social media is seen in the number of followers that is claimed by each of their accounts. Just over 7,000 people follow the account on Facebook, while that number is just over 8,000 on Twitter. Those are relatively modest numbers for a company such as this, which reflects the fact that vps.net does not seem to emphasize social media marketing. The company does have a Twitter handle which is dedicated to solving support issues, but it does not seem that the account is used very often.

VPS.net on YouTube:

Consistent with their light usage of social media, vps.net has also not made much of an effort to market via YouTube. The channel has just a handful of followers and a grand total of just four videos. Those videos do contain some interesting content, but they are falling out of date as they were uploaded years ago. There is a lot to like about using a virtual private server, and vps.net is one of the leading suppliers of this kind of web hosting, but you shouldn’t expect to find much from them on the social media front.