VPS Web Hosting: Is It Worth It?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting represents a relatively new type of web hosting that, since 2010, has massively increased in popularity. What is VPS? It’s a combination of shared and dedicated web hosting plans. The hybrid composition of VPS web hosting often causes confusion, especially for novices that have little or no experience working with a web host company. VPS web hosting is for individuals and organizations that want to grow awareness of products and services online, but are wary of the complex technological issues required to master dedicated web hosting packages. Many small businesses sign up for VPS packages to learn more about configuring and operating a website.

is vps hosting worth it?
VPS plans usually come loaded with extras. Do you need all of it?

What is VPS Web Hosting?

With a shared hosting plan, you share server resources with other websites. VPS web hosting allocates resources on a server just for your website. You enjoy your own bandwidth, data center, and operating system. VPS web hosts secure a server located in a large data center and then divide the server into smaller sub-servers that create a virtual server environment. Instead of spending more money for a dedicated server, you reap the most of the benefits of a dedicated server, including the capability to re boot your sub-server at any time.

Why Choose a VPS Web Host?

All types of web hosting models offer advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of going with a VPS web hosting package outnumber the disadvantages of running your website from a virtual server.

  • Customization of features to provide you with everything you want for running your website
  • Less costly than signing up for a dedicated web hosting plan
  • Very easy to upgrade VPS web hosting plans
  • More control than the control you have using a shared web host
  • Technical support you do not get with a dedicated web hosting package
  • Option to select a semi managed of fully managed web hosting plan

What are the Disadvantages of VPS Web Hosting?

VPS web hosting costs less than the cost of dedicated web hosting package. However, VPS web hosting costs more than low cost or even free shared hosting plans. Individuals and organizations should shop around for deals that VPS web hosting companies put in print. In addition, some VPS web hosts do a poor job of allocating server resources, which leads to more down times and slower data transmissions. This is a major problem during peak server use and it means you can expect to lose customers. Read the online reviews of VPS web hosts, with an emphasis placed on third party review websites that present reviews written by web hosting experts.

Factors that Determine Your VPS Plan:

Unlike shared web hosting, VPS web hosting requires individuals and organizations to perform extensive research. You can expect to consider at least five factors for choosing the right VPS web hosting package.

The Configuration of the Server:

The speed of data transmissions and the percentage of time your website goes live depends mostly on the configuration of your virtual server. You determine the capacity of the processors, the amount of RAM allocation, and the size of the disk drive. The server provided by a VPS host should come from a highly regarded manufacturer that understands the importance of allowing you to determine your website’s performance

Dependability vs Affordability:

Webmasters that are serious about upgrading web hosting plans to VPS have to balance cost versus the reliability of a VPS web hosting package. VPS web hosts charge more money for customers to enjoy enhanced services, such as more RAM and faster data transmissions. Yet, not all VPS web hosting plans are created equal. Some VPS web hosting plans that cost about the same as shared web hosting plans fail to deliver dependable website operation services. If you intend to move beyond a shared web hosting package, make sure to spend the money necessary to receive dependable web hosting services.

Do You Want to Manage the Server?

In other words, do you possess the technical skills to configure and operate a website that runs on a virtual private server? Shared web hosting plans do not allow customers access to a server, which means the management of a server falls squarely on the shoulders of the shared web hosting company. VPS web hosting plans offer either managed or unmanaged plans. Unmanaged VPS web hosting means you assume 100% responsibility for managing all facets of the virtual server. This means if the server you use crashes or is the target of repeated cyber attacks, you must fix the problems, without the help of a server maintenance specialist. Managed VPS web hosting plans work best for technically challenged webmasters, but the plans cost more than the price you can expect to pay for unmanaged VPS web hosting services.

Selecting the Right Operating System

Most VPS web hosting companies offer customers two operating system options: Linux or Windows. As an open source operating system, Linux typically costs less than a Windows platform. Linux supports more applications and provides more user friendly features, which makes a difference for novice webmasters. Windows works better for users that run ASP and ASP.NET applications.

Customer Technical Support

Even the highest rated VPS web hosting companies experience technical issues. If you opt for VPS web hosting, you must choose a company that has established a strong record of providing outstanding customer technical support. The best way to vet VPS web hosting customer support departments is to contact each one and ask technical questions that pertain to running a website. You should consider only the VPS web hosting companies that respond promptly to customer queries and provide concise and easy to implement solutions to your web hosting issues.

VPS web hosting represents the technological bridge between shared and dedicated web hosting. You retain control over the configuration of your virtual server, without paying for a dedicated server to drive your online presence. Individuals and organizations that grow out of shared web hosting packages find VPS web hosting to be a smooth transition towards operating a website on a dedicated server.

Is VPS web hosting worth it? The answer is a resounding yes for webmasters that want to grow their brands.

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