How to Use Our Coupon Codes

Confused About Our Coupon Codes?

We’re here to help. The big blue coupon buttons that we feature here on VPS Deals are a third-party plugin that we use so that we can quickly update promo codes when we first get them.

The benefit to you is that when you click on these big blue buttons, the promo code is automatically copied to your clipboard. This means that when you right-click your mouse (if you’re on desktop) and select ‘Paste’, the code will automatically fill the coupon entry field on a merchant’s web page.

If you’re on mobile: If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, you can click on the coupon code buttons as well. Just select the coupon entry field on the merchant’s website and a pop-up should appear that gives you the option to ‘Paste’. Click that and the coupon code will fill automatically. No more memorizing coupon codes!

The difference between ‘SHOW COUPON’ and ‘ACTIVATE OFFER’: – You may have noticed on our site that we have two different types of coupon codes. The ones that say ‘Show Coupon’ are an actual discount code that you can click to reveal. However, when it says ‘ACTIVATE OFFER’, it can mean one of two things: 1) there is a special link-activated discount that doesn’t require a code, but the promotion does require that you click on that link, or 2) that there’s a general promotion that doesn’t require a coupon at all. We will say ‘no promo code required’ in the instructions if that is the case.

I’m Ready to Start Saving. What’s the First Step?

That’s great! First, if you’re here then there’s probably something that you want to buy, and you know where you want to buy it from. If you already have your items already selected in your, let’s say, Amazon shopping cart, that’s awesome and you’re ready to starting saving. Just follow these quick instructions:

Step 1:

Click on SHOW COUPON or ACTIVATE OFFER to reveal the coupon code or open the special offer link.

step1- how to use coupon codes

Step 2:

The merchant website will load in a new tab or window. The coupon code will have automatically copied to your clipboard. If you’re on desktop, there’ll be a pop-up notification letting you know about it. If you’re on mobile, the promo code will still be copied, but you won’t get that same pop-up message. If you clicked on an offer instead of a coupon then skip this step.
step 2 - click on promo codes

Step 3:

Shop the merchant website. When you are ready proceed to checkout.
step3 - enter coupon code at checkout

Step 4:

Paste the code in the appropriate box when prompted. If your offer does not require a code, the discount will be applied automatically.
step4 - paste code

And that’s it! You’re done! We strive to make this whole process as simple and straightforward as possible. If you buy lots of domain names or hosting packages, remember to bookmark our site so you can keep coming back for more promo codes to help you save on products.

Stay in Touch

Have a question about our website? Our coupon codes? Anything at all? Send us a message on our Contact Page and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.