Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting December 2023

When you decide to host your websites with a VPS plan, the next thing you need to figure out is whether your VPS should have a Linux or Windows operating system. there are positives and negatives to both. These are the main benefits of going for a Linux OS on your VPS server:

  • Cheaper – Because Linux is free and open source, there are no licenses or proprietary issues with applications.
  • Most Popular – uses PHP for development and mySQL for its database. These are the most popular programs in their respective fields.
  • More customizability – you can choose which Linux OS is right for you: Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS are just a few of the options available.

1. Bluehost VPS Hosting

Bluehost Linux VPS Hosting
Bluehost VPS Hosting


  • Type of Linux OS: Cent OS
  • Starter VPS plan: $14.99/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 2 GB/month
  • Control Panel: Enhanced cPanel


Bluehost is the newest entry on this list, and it also jumped straight to number one. Why? Bluehost launched their VPS Hosting plans only a few months ago. That means that the VPS servers are all brand new (i.e. fast and not error-prone). Bluehost has added a whole new tech support unit to handle Bluehost’s new VPS customers, meaning you can get knowledgeable help if you need assistance. Because it’s brand new, Bluehost is offering 50% off your first term, so you should lock in multiple years to save the most money.

Click here to view Bluehost’s VPS plans.

2. Dreamhost VPS Hosting

Dreamhost Linux VPS Hosting
Dreamhost Linux VPS


  • Type of Linux OS: Debian Linux
  • Starter VPS plan: $15/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 300 MB
  • Control Panel: Custom


Dreamhost is rated number two for a couple of reasons: their audacious 100% uptime guarantee, and their custom-built VPS control panel. Those of you comfortable with cPanel may see this as a minus, but after a few minutes Dreamhost’s control panel starts to feel second nature. It’s more detailed than cPanel, and it gives you more control over your VPS than you’ve likely ever had before. The extra cost of cPanel (hosting companies have to license it) is built into most VPS plans, which is why Dreamhost’s plans are more budget friendly.

The best part is that Dreamhost’s VPS network doesn’t let their CPU go to waste. What that means is, if your website is getting unexpectedly high traffic, it uses CPU from other servers to help keep your website working. Of course if your website is often over your plan’s specifications, then Dreamhost will recommend you upgrade to a more capable plan.

The only knock against Dreamhost is the 300MB of RAM in the starter plan isn’t very much. If you’re a small or mid-sized website then it’s not a big deal. Although you can always start with Dreamhost’s basic plan, and upgrade if you find yourself going over their limits. The next tier up is only $30/month, which is still cheaper than most VPS plans.

Click here to view Dreamhost’s VPS offerings.

3. Godaddy VPS Plans

Godaddy Linux VPS
Godaddy has two types of Linux VPS plans.


  • Type of Linux OS: CentOS or Fedora Linux
  • Starter VPS plan: $26.99/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 1GB
  • Control Panel:Multiple options


Most people think of GoDaddy as a domain registrar, but they also have top of the line VPS networks. You can choose between two Linux operating systems: CentOS or Fedora. You can also choose between a number of control panels (including cPanel and simple control panel) to install afterwards. The best part is the ample amount of RAM you receive with Godaddy’s start plans: 1GB for $26.99. Even their ‘Ultimate’ plan, which boasts a full 8GB of RAM is only $134.99.

And of course, these packages are all much cheaper if you use one of our coupons.

Click here to view Godaddy’s Hosting plans.

4. Fatcow VPS Plans

fatcow vps linux review
Fatcow’s VPS network is 100% wind powered.


  • Type of Linux OS: CentOS Linux
  • Starter VPS plan: $24.99/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 1GB
  • Control Panel:cPanel


There’s tons of reasons to go with Fatcow: their VPS offerings are relatively new, so the equipment is all state of the art. Fatcow is also eco-friendly (100% wind-powered), so your website(s) will have zero carbon footprint. Your first month is $12.50 (half-price), you get a free domain name with your hosting plan, and it all comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Hopefully word of Fatcow’s VPS offerings start to spread. I could see lots of companies who would like to boast that their websites are 100% wind powered and eco-friendly.

Click here to view Fatcow’s VPS plans.

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