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7% lifetime discount on servers

Save 7% on VPS, game servers and web hosting on a recurring basis! Enter this code during checkout to receive the discount.

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Recurring 5% discount on game servers & hosting

This promotional code is valid for 5% off of services from Host Havoc for the lifetime of the account!

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Save 5% on Pokemon Evolved servers

This code is valid for a one-time discount on a Pokemon server from Host Havoc.

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Expired Host Havoc Coupons

Take 10% off for May

Save 10% off servers from Host Havoc for the month of May! Expires on June the 1st.

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Game Servers on sale for 25% off

Get a one-time discount of 25% off on servers for popular games.

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Get 10% off of Game Servers

Until January 15th you can use this coupon code to take 10% off of a new gaming server from Host Havoc.

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2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Check out the list of promotions on gaming servers, Teamspeak servers, and web hosting at Host Havoc, insane discounts available!

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15% Discount on Don't Starve Together servers

Until January 31st Host Havoc is offering Don't Starve Together servers for 15% off with this promo code.

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About Host Havoc

Host Havoc Ltd is a registered company located in Ottawa, Canada. Clay B who currently serves as the firm’s chief executive officer founded it in 2014. Clay B has an undeniable passion for multiplayer gaming and IT infrastructure, and as such, decided to take it to an entirely new level. Besides making money from the idea, Host Havoc fulfills the technical needs of thousands of gamers every month. The executive team is made up of highly motivated and talented individuals who are always keen on inspiring others. Chris serves as the chief financial officer as well as the operational strategist. Support technicians include Jeffery, Spencer, Zack, and Ian, with Morgan serving as the live chat agent.

The primary goal of Host Havoc is to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction. Some of the strategies that the management of the company executes include low overhead operation and adherence to the highest level of quality. As a result, customers enjoy an exceptional performance at a pocket-friendly price. Host Havoc offers the following solutions:

I. Game servers at $9 per month.
II. Minecraft servers at $2.50 per month.
III. Team Speak servers at $4 per month.
IV. Web hosting services at $4.99 per month.
V. VPS hosting services at $8 per month.

Customers access instant set up of some of these services such as game servers upon payment. Once Host Havoc confirms receipt of your money, your game server goes online in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, Minecraft servers usually go online within ten seconds of completing the order. Team Speakers servers are aimed at ensuring that your team maintains the required level of communication. As such, it also goes live as soon as you complete the order. VPS hosting by Host Havoc is one of the best in the industry. The company only utilizes NVMe SSDs, alongside highly clocked CPUs to accomplish optimal performance.

How to use coupon codes

Now and then, consumers of the services offered by Host Havoc can make substantial savings thanks to different promotions. The process of using Host Havoc is straightforward. Below are the steps to follow.

I. Visit the company’s website –
II. Select a hosting plan.
III. Once you have configured your preferred hosting plan, fill in the details.
IV. The next step requires you to insert the promo code.
V. Congratulations! You just saved money with a discount from Host Havoc!

How to connect with Host Havoc

One of the ways through which you can connect with Host Havoc is by submitting a support ticket that accommodates an attachment. This option is available on the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the website. The tickets available include sales and presales, web hosting, game server, TeamSpeak server, as well as billing/payment tickets. You may also make use of the live chat option and have the agent answer all your questions. If the agent is not available, you can always leave a message, and you are sure to get a response as soon as possible.

Existing and potential customers who wish to connect with Host Havoc through social media may use the following:

I. Facebook –
II. Twitter –
III. LinkedIn –

Refund Policy

Users of voice hosting and game server hosting solutions qualify for a refund within three days (of 24 hours) of the formation of the server in the company’s database. Note that the time you make initial payment does not dictate the stipulated 72 hours. Your calculation and that of the company may differ by a couple of hours or even days. Host Havoc makes all refunds through the channel used by the customer to make payments.

None of the other company products including domains and product add-ons qualify for a refund. Further, users cannot request a refund in the absence of a probable cause. Non-monthly terms are also not refundable. Another thing worth noting is that the firm’s 72-hour money-back guarantee only applies to the first order of a new client.

To get your money back, raise a refund request through the support ticket system. Remember to explain your reasons. The team will evaluate your reasons and the time that has elapsed since the creation of the solution on the database to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, one of the team members will refund your money, although not automatically.