Fatcow Coupon Codes

Fatcow coupon

Fatcow Coupon Codes


Best Fatcow Coupon Codes Right Now:

Shared Hosting for only $3.15/month

$3.15 per month hosting! This promotion will give you Fatcow's shared hosting for only $3.15/per month. This deals works out to only $37.80/year to host your website, which is one of the cheapest deals you'll find from any hosting company. On top of that, this hosting deal includes a free domain name registration. Plus there's over $200 in advertising credits for Google and Facebook included. If you've been thinking of hosting your website at Fatcow, this is the best pricing you can get.
Fatcow says this promotion ends June 31st, but this promotion will likely extend into early July as well.

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Fatcow VPS Coupon Codes:

Just last fall, Fatcow launched VPS and Dedicated hosting plans so that high traffic websites and company websites can take advantage of Fatcow’s excellent customer service offerings. For the launch they are offering some introductory discounts off their VPS and Dedicated Hosting plans.

20% off VPS Hosting

This promotion will save you 20% off your first VPS hosting term with Fatcow. The regular price is $24.99/month, but you can get their VPS plan for $19.99/month. Remember: if you sign up for a longer term, you can lock in the lower price. This can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

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20% off Dedicated Hosting

This Fatcow promotion will save you 20% off Dedicated Hosting plans with Fatcow. The regular rate is $149.99/month, so this promotion works out to $119.99 per month. Like the promotion above, the discount applies to the introductory term. Which means that if you lock in your hosting plan for longer up front, it'll add up to tons of savings in the long term (over $30 per month in this case).

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Get Fatcow’s Secret Discount Price.

Fatcow Coupon Codes and Promos

This isn’t advertised anywhere, but you can get Fatcow’s hosting for $2.50/month (72% off) any time of the year with this simple trick that anyone can do.

  • Step 1: Add a Fatcow hosting package to your shopping cart. It will show up as the regular price.
  • Step 2: Press the back button, as if you had changed your mind and wanted to leave the site.
  • Step 3: A new ‘final offer’ pop-up appears offering you the heavily discounted price. Then click on ‘get your special offer’ and pay for your heavily discounted hosting package.
  • Step 4 You’re done! Click here to get started choosing your Fatcow hosting package.

A Little Bit of History on Fatcow:

Fatcow was founded in 1998 but the present-day version of Fatcow didn’t come around until 2007. Back in 2007 Fatcow adopted a “Heifercratic Oath” that involves faster customer response time, uptime guarantees and more. Fatcow has also become a ‘green web host’: most of the energy powering Fatcow’s servers comes from wind power.


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