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DigitalOcean Coupon Codes October 2021

  • is a new kind of hosting company: cloud hosting for developers. Application developers need hosting space for their applications. If you download a popular app on your smartphone, where does the information for that app come from? It’s hosted by the developer (not Apple or Google). You can find out more about Digitalocean below.
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Other Ways to Save with DigitalOcean:

  • Are you a developer with experience writing technical tutorials? You can submit your articles to DigitalOcean for publishing in their knowledge base and get paid either in credit for your DigitalOcean account, or to your PayPal account. In-depth tutorials of 1500 words or more will get you up to $200 per article, simple tutorials of 800 words or more will get you $100, and updates to existing tutorials for things like software updates will be paid $50 per article.
  • No prior writing experience required, but you do need to submit a sample of your writing. Digitalocean is looking for clear explanations of best practices, correct examples of commands, and a friendly and informative writing style. Their website also has a style guide on how they prefer their articles to be written, which you can refer to. The website also has some article templates that you may find useful.

DigitalOcean Technical Features:

  • offers only cloud-based VPS hosting, and all with SSD Hard Drives. Instead of trying to serve everybody, Digitalocean decided to target an under-represented audience at most web hosting companies: web and app developers. With that in mind, there were a few things they felt needed to be the cornerstones of their service.

Quick Server Setup:

  • You can have your cloud server up and running in 55 seconds. This is particularly useful for testing purposes, and with DigitalOcean’s hourly rates this can be accomplished for minimal costs. If you go with their basic server you can have a test server up and running in under a minute and test your code out in production for only $0.007/hour. You will still be charged for your server even if it’s powered off, but you can create a template and then delete it and recreate again whenever you want to save money. Unlike some other hosts DigitalOcean does not charge for template/backup disk space.

High Bandwidth

  • The Company’s SSD servers are connected to a 1GB/sec network, and the most basic plan includes 1TB of data per month with the highest priced plan including 5TB/month. None of this ‘unlimited’ bandwidth with some very vague restrictions in the fine print that then nets you huge overage charges. Additional bandwidth over your plans allowance at DigitalOcean is billed at only $0.02/GB. In addition they have private networking set up within their data centers, any traffic sent through the private network (ie. file storage and database replication) will not count towards your monthly bandwidth allowance. They also don’t charge extra for bandwidth in their Singapore location, despite the higher cost of bandwidth in Asia.

KVM Virtualization

  • Performance and security are of the utmost concern at DigitalOcean, and they have specially designed their KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machines) virtualized droplets to support that.

The best hardware

  • As mentioned before all servers have SSD hard drives built on Hexa Core processor machines with ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage to ensure that your data stays safe from corruption

Data Centers around the globe:

  • The DigitalOcean data centers are located in Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, London, and Singapore ad you can send a snapshot of your server to all regions if you like. They are headquartered in New York.

DigitalOcean Pricing Plans:

Basic Plans

512MB Memory1GB Memory2GB Memory4GB Memory8GB Memory
1 Core Processor1 Core Processor2 Core Processor2 Core Processor4 Core Processor
20GB SSD Disk30GB SSD Disk40GB SSD Disk60GB SSD Disk80GB SSD Disk
1TB Transfer2TB Transfer3TB Transfer4TB Transfer5TB Transfer

High Volume Plans

16GB Memory32GB Memory48GB Memory64GB Memory
8 Core Processor12 Core Processor16 Core Processor20 Core Processor
160GB SSD Disk320GB SSD Disk480GB SSD Disk640GB SSD Disk
6TB Transfer7TB Transfer8TB Transfer9TB Transfer
  • At this time it does not appear to be possible to purchase extra storage space on a plan, if you need more space then you need to upgrade to a more comprehensive account.

More Unique Approaches by DigitalOcean:

  • Digitalocean offers hourly pricing on their plans, in addition to their monthly rates. Why would they do that? Well, if you need to test out your code on a live server but just need to do so briefly then you can spool up a droplet for an hour or two to see how it runs, then go back to working on it in your test environment.
  • No need to make a big financial commitment while you are still in the development stage. Here is the thing: you don’t need to select monthly or hourly pricing, you just pay what you use. So you pay hourly up until you hit the monthly cap which is 672 hours.
  • How did they arrive at that number? It’s 24 times 28, which is the minimum number of days in a month. What happens if you use more than 672 hours? Then you are billed at the monthly rate, which is the price of 672 hours. A very fair billing practice!

Droplets Aren’t Free, However:

  • Keep in mind that you will still be billed even if your droplet is ‘powered-off’ as the disk space, CPU, Ram, and IP address are still being held for you. If you’d like to save a droplet but not have to pay for it while you are doing more development work you can always take a snapshot, destroy the droplet, and then use the snapshot to restore it anytime. Remember you are not paying for a month of use every time you create a droplet, you are only paying for an hour (plus however many other hours you keep the droplet for).

All About DigitalOcean:

  • DigitalOcean is one of the great success stories in tech that no one talks about. Its founder Ben Uretsky wanted to make a new kind of hosting company for developers. At the time (early 2012), Amazon Web Services was dominating the field by a wide margin. One reviewer ran some tests on DigitalOcean vs. Amazon web services and came up with some interesting results.

Customer Reviews For Digitalocean:

  • Overall their reviews on forums like WebHostingTalk with anything they are lacking in features or support being made up for by their extremely budget-friendly pricing. Although apparently their definition of cloud hosting and some consumers is quite different, it is possible fordata to be lost on their type of server set up. They did compensate the user for the loss, and as a case in point you should always be making your own backups just to be safe.
  • The founders were invited to submit to the Techstars program, which is kind of angel-investment competition. Despite making it to the finals, Techstars passed on them. But they kept on refining their vision of being an extremely simple and user-friendly hosting company for developers.

SSD Drives: Embracing the Future

  • DigitalOcean decided to become an all SSD-hosting company. It was expensive, and it was unprecedented. The news caught the attention of Techcrunch and Hacker News, and the company started signing up customers at an extremely fast rate.
  • That attracted the attention of investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, an investment firm comprised of super-angel investors. They recently raised $37 million in startup capital. Things look good for DigitalOcean.

Digitalocean Video:

  • Here’s a trailer for DigitalOcean that the company produced for the Techstars program. Although they weren’t accepted, DigitalOcean has gone on to become one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world.

DigitalOcean on Social Media

  • DigitalOcean on Facebook – Most of their posts are technical guides and tutorials on how to use the various platforms, scripting libraries, and other technologies that they offer. Since their target market is app and web developers these guides presume that you have a fairly high degree of technical ability, DigitalOcean probably isn’t the right hosting company for you if you are a beginner or just looking to host a website for your small business or hobby.
  • You can also read customer reviews like on most Facebook business pages. I noticed that several of the negative reviews noted a lack of customer support. DigitalOcean is an unmanaged server service, which means that it’s intended for people or companies that are able to do their own system administrator work.
  • This is why they are able to offer an excellent product at such a low price. The only thing they can help with is if your droplet is not booting at all, in which case you are likely looking at a hardware issue that they would need to address. Perhaps those customers were not aware of that when they signed up for hosting, so I wanted to make sure you were!
  • Twitter – Digitalocean’s official Twitter account seems to be largely the same as what is posted on their Facebook with a few retweets from developers and other people share helping for information, so if you prefer to use Twitter for your social media fix you can follow them here and still get all the goods.
  • DigitalOcean Status on Twitter – This Twitter account posts updates on server status, if anything is offline for maintenance, suffering a hardware issue, or denial of service attack it will be posted here. If you are having trouble with your droplet, it’s a good idea to check here first and make sure it’s not the server.

DigitalOcean Support

  • As noted above, DigitalOcean is a more advanced hosting platform that is targeted towards web and app developers. If you are a novice user looking to set up a small website, this is probably a finer level of control over your hosting than you need and you may find it complicated to use. Because this hosting services presumes a higher level of technical know-how, they don’t offer a customer help line that you can call like many other large hosting companies do.
  • They can’t help you set up a WordPress site, for example. There is a contact form where you can submit a support ticket, however this is primarily for hardware issues (ie. your droplet won’t deploy).
  • They do have a knowledge base that is being added to all the time, and they do have a community support section if you are having trouble with specific software or the API.