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best windows vps hosting plans

Best Windows VPS Hosting June 2024

While most hosting companies offer VPS Hosting plans with Linux-based operating systems (OS), some hosts will use (or require) a Windows OS. If your website uses ASP or ASP.net (the Linux equivalent would be PHP), having a Windows OS is absolutely essential. Many businesses will also use a Windows VPS for their company because it plays nicer with other Windows based systems (i.e. Microsoft Exchange). The hosting plans themselves tend to be a little more expensive, but you also get added security and support direct from Microsoft (via security releases), whereas with Linux you at the mercy of an open source community.

1. GoDaddy Windows VPS

windows vps hosting - godaddy

GoDaddy offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting plans, with the Windows VPS plans starting at $39.99 per month (we have coupon codes to help to save!) The Windows VPS plans always cost a bit more because it uses proprietary software. But Godaddy’s features give you the best bang for your buck overall: the ‘value’ plan offers 2GB of RAM to go with a monthly bandwidth limit of 2,000 GB. Unless you’re running a very popular video-sharing website (i.e. Vimeo), that is plenty for one website. The next step up is ‘deluxe’, which offers 15GB more storage, but the RAM and Bandwidth limits are exactly the same. Definitely not worth the extra $20 per month.

Those who are using their VPS Hosting for an entire office may want to opt for the “Ultimate” plan, which gives you 8GB of RAM along with 8,000 GB of bandwidth. This plan goes for $149.99/month, but considering how much it can handle is definitely worth it.

The Perks: SSH access (not available with shared hosting), $150+ in free advertising credits (Google Adwords, Facebook), free SSL certificate, 3 dedicated IP addresses and FTP access.

Click here to view GoDaddy’s VPS plans

2. Myhosting.com Windows VPS Hosting

top-rated windows vps hosting - myhosting.com
Enterprise Level VPS Hosting

Myhosting.com designed their Windows servers with s because their Windows servers with Enterprise-level customers in mind. Starting at $39.99/month, myhosting.com’s windows servers are all equipped with Hyper-V Virtualization, which is a kind of server optimizer that allows your VPS to operate more efficiently as well as handling higher volumes of traffic. Just like Ultrahosting, myhosting.com offers a 100% uptime guarantee, as well as a 2-min phone response time promise. If you’re looking to host your company’s website and want a reliable, accountable VPS plan, this is a great option.

Click here to view Myhosting.com’s VPS Plans.

3. 1and1 Windows Hosting

1and1 windows vps hosting

1and1‘s Windows VPS plans are very similar to Godaddy’s, except in a few key areas. 1and1’s starter VPS plan (with Windows OS) is $19.99 per month (for the 1st term, and then $29.99/month afterwards). The difference is in the specs: 2GB per month (the same), 1,000 GB/month bandwidth (50% less) and 50GB of storage space (20GB more!).

Another major difference is the control panel. 1and1 offers Parallels Plesk Panels, whereas Godaddy offers either Plesk or cPanel, depending on your preference/comfort zone.

Bottom Line:
If you don’t think your website(s) will go over the 1,000 GB Bandwidth limit, then this will save you hundreds of dollars per year. But if your start taking on lots of bandwidth because of traffic or media-rich content, then Godaddy will be your better bet.

Click here to view 1and1’s VPS Hosting Plans.

4. Interserver Windows VPS

interserver windows virtual private server hosting

You won’t find a more budget friendly VPS host than Ultrahosting. Why is that? They have a 100% uptime guarantee on their network. The Windows VPS plans start at $24.99/month, which includes 384 MB of RAM. While this should be sufficient for most medium-traffic websites, if you want more RAM you can double it for $34.99/month. Ultrahosting also offers full remote desktop connection as well as remote reboot.
In addition to the regular Windows VPS Hosting, there are two more Windows VPS options: 1) Windows Xen VPS (open source virtualization to utilize the server’s resources) and 2) Windows Forex VPS (if you’re not a day-trader/broker then you don’t need this!).

Click here to visit Interserver’s Windows VPS Page.

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